Healing Prayer & Spiritual Interventions

Could healing prayer be right for you?

Often times after processing emotion, wading through painful experiences and reliving trauma, an effective and powerful way to release pain and receive healing is through inviting the Holy Spirit in to speak His truth.  How this looks in the counseling room is unique based on the needs and comfort level of each individual. However,  listening prayer can consist of asking the Lord his perspective on faulty beliefs, heavy emotions or distressing memories. 



Attachment research shows that connection to God can serve as a primary attachment figure at the same effectiveness as

one's family of origin. 


Simplified, attachment styles are relational ways of expressing/receiving love and processing emotion.  These relational styles develop early on in one's infancy and are reinforced throughout life. Unless there is an outside experience that is contrary to ones normal mode of operating, the attempts of change will be limited to behavioral efforts at best and futile at worst.  

Finding relief from faulty thinking, unwanted behaviors and dysfunctional relational patterns requires experiential change at a neurological level.  While this may sound daunting, it can be understood in that those who make the deepest positive impact in our lives call us out from our norm and create alternate experiences for us in which we experience change.  Consider the most enjoyable relational experiences you've had, it is very likely those neurological changes are happening for you without your conscious awareness. 

If connection to God serves as one of your primary relationships, and you have a desire to strengthen that bond, healing prayer may be an effective and edifying intervention for you.