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Caring for
Mental Health

Mental Health refers to the intellectual and emotional processes that go to work behind the scenes while you live your life.  These may be working extra hard to help you find balance or understanding to your relational experiences, health challenges, trauma or loss.  

These processes are shaped by many factors,

  • relational experiences,

  • hormonal chemistry

  • genetic make up

  • personality   

Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Stress, are all manifestation of those processes.  Joy, fulfillment, gratitude, hope, satisfaction, are also manifestations of those internal process. 

As you understand the building blocks that are fueling your mental health you can begin to create new ones.  Did you know your brain and body have healing power built into them?  If you cut your finger, you body will go to work (outside of your conscious thought) to bring healing to that wound.  Our brain works the same way.  When we experience trauma or emotional pain, our brain creates protective barriers and internal processes to help protect and bring understanding to our wounds, this also happens involuntary outside of conscious thought

Our bodies are designed to cleanse and heal, often when there are undesirable emotions or memory that surface it is your body's attempt to get your attention to detox.  Giving your intellectual and emotional process a place to rest can relieve years of stress and strain on your mental health and improve your quality of life.


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