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Your past does not need to determine your future 

Hopeless from disconnection?

Exhaustion and physically worn down?

Stuck in unhealthy habits?


Chronic pain, sleeplessness, muscle aches, digestive pain, weight challenges?


Fear things won't ever change?

Continually stressed and overwhelmed?





Dr. Heather Fritch provided deep insight and walked with me through one of the darkest times of my life. - former client.

About Dr. Heather Fritch

I have a holistic comprehensive approach that centers on each person, their created design and overall well-being. With my educational background, research in health and wellness and ministry experience my counseling appointments are unique. My faith based beliefs toward growth and change have been shaped by watching people experience deep healing moments through therapeutic intervention and connection with the God.


In addition to my Norfolk office, I also provide confidential therapeutic services via FaceTime (a video based communication system) to those out of the area. I have had the opportunity to serve clients in several different US states and in various nations including  Iraq, England, Spain, Taiwan and Mexico. I have found video counseling to be highly effective and have different vantage points than-in person, mainly offering you the flexibility of comfort in your own space. 

I am currently a Resident in Counseling within the State of Virginia (License #0704010761) and am working under the  direct supervision of John Thomas,PhD, PhD, LPC,LSAC, CST ( 


Wholeness: a Journey not a destination

Often times we think of emotional wholeness as a destination, rather than a journey. However the way the body  (and brain) store emotion, pain and memory is in layers. It is this process, the journey of health that uncovers and brings understanding to our behaviors and relational cycles. I believe, God in his goodness uniquely created this into our human design in order to provide a framework and understanding for us to steward true and lasting healing.

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